Where are we?

F.O.R.C.E.S. is the Feminine Federation of Organization and reclamation cultural,Economic and social .

Chaired by Mrs Christiane GASPARD-MÉRIDE, it is an association recognized in conformance with  the law of 1901, created on April 19th, 2000, under the aegis of the Regional Delegation in the rights of the Women and in the Equality of Guadeloupe ( DRDFE).

In view of its implication and its actions, the Federation moreover obtained the naming "House for families"  [1], en 2012.

 [1]Claude Greff, Secretary of State for the Family, put back(handed) on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012, 67 naming " House for families " in structures - among which the Federation F.O.R.C.E.S. - who answer all the questions that settle(arise) the parents(relatives) at present. This naming is a marker(scorer) of social innovation allowing to promote privileged spaces of support to the parenthood and establish(constitute) one of the 10 measures of the plan of support for the parenthood announced by the Secretary in November, 2011.


Official authorisation received

Label Information Family

Secretariat of state for the family 

January, 2007

Domicile women who received assistance 

Prefecture of Guadeloupe

September, 2011

Home helps for families 

Secretariat of state for the family


Domiciliation of asylum seekers

Prefecture of Guadeloupe

July, 2015